Cryo 2022

Cryo 2022
Title: Cryo 2022
Ratings: 3.8/10
Runtime: 1h 58m
Genres: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Director: Barrett Burgin
Writer: Barrett Burgin, Mason D. Davis
Actor: Jyllian Petrie, Emily Marie Palmer, Mason D. Davis
Language: English
Description: Cryo 2022 begins after five scientists inexplicably awaken from their hyper-stasis cryo pods when they are not meant to. In actuality, if they weren’t already dead, they’d most certainly die horribly. But, in Cryo, a new futuristic sci-fi thriller about the fringe science of cryonics, they’ll be allowed to move around for a while before realising a killer is chasing them in their guarded underground facility. Cryo-style films occur in varied degrees. Given the sci-fi structure of Cryo, many will certainly claim that the trailer reminds them of Cube, despite the fact that Cube is primarily an early escape room film and a sci-fi forerunner to Saw. Fulfilled all your requirement of entertainment via Afdah movies website for free.

Review of the movie Cryo 2022.
This film features some very exceptional direction, acting, and script, as well as authentic and realistic sequences. Everyone, in my view, should watch this film to appreciate this masterpiece. At the end, this film devolves into a thriller that everyone should see.

2022, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller