Fallen 2022

Fallen 2022
Title: Fallen 2022
Ratings: 2.0/10
Runtime: 1h 24m
Genres: Horror
Director: Nicolo Fumero
Writer: Simone Chiattone, Nicolo Fumero, Francesco Lucci
Actor: Ortensia Fioravanti, Daniel McVicar, Alessia Pratolongo
Language: English
Description: Fallen 2022 is directed by Nicolo Fumero. The star cast of the movie is Ortensia Fioravanti, Daniel McVicar, and Alessia Pratolongo. The movie story is based on father Abraham Fallen who is an exorcist trying to help his villagers at a time of crisis called “The Darkness.” At that time, worse is happening in towns, Abraham and his family escape to a remote farmhouse. There, he is targeted by the devils of his past. Fallen’s also haunted by literal devils and He must kill them with his trusty shotgun. Here watch Afdah free movies online without any subscription charges.

2022, Horror