Gone in the Night 2022

Gone in the Night 2022
Title: Gone in the Night 2022
Ratings: 5.3/10
Runtime: 1h 30m
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Director: Eli Horowitz
Writer: Matthew Derby, Eli Horowitz
Actor: Winona Ryder, Sedrick Cabrera, John Gallagher Jr.
Language: English
Description: Gone in the Night 2022 movie is directed and co-written by Eli Horowitz. It follows Kath and her boyfriend who discovers a mystery younger couple there when they arrive at a lonely cabin in the redwoods; it appears that the property has been double-booked. They decide to stay in the cabin with these strangers till the next morning since they have nowhere else to go. Kath gets concerned about explaining their unexpected split when her lover vanishes with the young woman, but the reality is far weirder than she could have ever imagined. Any device like mobile phone, PC, Tablet, and laptops can access the Afdah movie website.

Review of the movie Gone in the Night 2022.
Dermot Mulroney and Winona Ryder both deliver superb, authentic performances. The Cow deftly plays with viewers’ expectations by starting with a well-known cabin-in-the-woods idea before taking a turn for the better.

2022, Mystery, Thriller