The Aviary 2022

The Aviary 2022
Title: The Aviary 2022
Ratings: 4.1/10
Runtime: 1h 36m
Genres: Thriller
Director: Chris Cullari, Jennifer Raite
Writer: Chris Cullari, Jennifer Raite
Actor: Malin Akerman, Sandrine Holt, Lorenza Izzo
Language: English
Description: The Aviary 2022 movie is directed & written by Chris Cullari and Jennifer Raite. It follows the story of Jillian and Blair, who leave a place called “the Aviary” and journey west. Having followed the sun and relying solely on a stolen surveyor’s map, the lights in that location get smaller and dimmer. Jillian is taken aback by this, given how much that place has defined her life up to this point. She laughs with Blair about how her scout training has finally paid off, while simultaneously wondering if her childhood group would be called a cult. She thinks it would be humorous if her first cult protected her from the second. Enjoy Afdah movies online in high quality of 1080p and without any ads.

Review of the movie The Aviary 2022.
This film contains a superb psychological character piece as well as a wonderful, creeping fear that grows and builds. It’s a slow-paced narrative, so stick with it! It’s a more sophisticated thriller than most. The movie and its characters sink into a genuine state of insanity.

2022, Thriller