On the Line 2022

On the Line 2022
Title: On the Line 2022
Ratings: 5.3/10
Runtime: 1h 44m
Genres: Thriller
Director: Romuald Boulanger
Writer: Romuald Boulanger
Actor: Mel Gibson, William Moseley, Alia Seror-O’Neill
Language: English
Description: Gibson performs the role of Elvis Cooney, a “legendary” LA shock jock and the host of the On the Line, a well-liked late-night radio program. Elvis and Justin spar on-air after Elvis arrives at the station for his evening slot. Sam, his ratings-concerned boss, gives him a hard time, and he meets Dylan, his new producer. He then starts his caller-based programme while seated with Mary, his switchboard operator. Elvis receives a troubling call from Gary, a troubled Pasadena man, early on in the show. Stream Hollywood movies and Afdah tv shows for free online.

Review of the movie On the Line 2022.
Kevin Dillon plays a respectable supporting part in a respectable thriller. As a leading man who can carry off action thrillers, Mel Gibson is still in demand. He appears so natural on screen that everyone else kind of falls short in comparison.

2022, Thriller