Pearl 2022

Pearl 2022
Title: Pearl 2022
Ratings: 7.2/10
Runtime: 1h 43m
Genres: Horror
Director: Ti West
Writer: Ti West, Mia Goth
Actor: Mia Goth, Tandi Wright, Alistair Sewell
Language: English
Description: Pearl 2022 is the sequel to “X,” which is set in the 1970s. It tells the backstory of the villain from that movie called “Pearl.” It focuses on her life as a wacky and lonely young woman in 1918 Texas. She feels constrained by the responsibilities of caring for her family while her husband fights in World War I. Pearl’s only escape is the neighborhood movie theatre, where she gets energized by the glitz of movies and harbors dreams of becoming a star. Pearl is driven to do some unreal things by her desire for a more exciting life. As well as some ostensibly psychological predispositions to insanity. All the popular and newly released movies are provided here on the Afdah info streaming website.

Review of the movie Pearl 2022.
Mia Goth’s performance is just eye-catching in this film. There are still times in it when laughter can be heard between scenes of horrifying violence. Even though she fluctuates between being a sympathetic character one minute and being incredibly creepy the next.

2022, Horror