Section 8 2022

Section 8 2022
Title: Section 8 2022
Ratings: 4.1/10
Runtime: 1h 38m
Genres: Action, Thriller
Director: Christian Sesma
Writer: Chad Law, Josh Ridgway
Actor: Mickey Rourke, Scott Adkins, Dermot Mulroney
Language: English
Description: Avenging the deaths of his wife and kid, Jake is in jail in Section 8 2022. Sam Ramsey, played by Dermot Mulroney, appears committed to hiring him for the covert agency even though he has no regrets. Jake’s ex commanding officer named Tom Mason. That is played by Dolph Lundgren who is a supporting him through this ordeal. The trailer also makes it clear that Jake can only escape by becoming further embroiled in this battle and siding with his adversaries. The frontpage of the Afdah movie website has large amount of films and television shows in HD video print.

Review of the movie Section 8 2022.
Throughout its duration, Section 8 offers exciting action and powerful rhythms. Characters work nicely together, and the BTS team did a fantastic job of satisfying both the demands of the fan community and the needs of the vast majority of moviegoers.

2022, Action, Thriller