Spaceman 2024

Spaceman 2024
Title: Spaceman 2024
Ratings: 5.8/10
Runtime: 1h 47m
Genres: Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
Director: Johan Renck
Writer: Jaroslav Kalfar, Colby Day
Actor: Adam Sandler, Carey Mulligan, Paul Dano
Language: English
Description: A little more than half of the astronaut’s solo journey to look at a strange galactic phenomenon has been completed. When it comes to handling the dissolution of his marriage to his Earthly pregnant wife, Lenka, Jakub is ill-suited. Luckily, an extraterrestrial spider that can talk like Paul Dano. It has access to all of the universe’s knowledge has hidden itself aboard the ship and is willing to provide Jakub with ad hoc therapy sessions. Jakub drifts aimlessly toward some vague revelation with his emotional support scorpion. The movie looks fantastic, but Sandler still needs to say so much and neither the writing nor the directing help. Just want to watch your favorite movies online, Afdah movie is the best choice.
2024, Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi