Wayward 2022

Wayward 2022
Title: Wayward 2022
Ratings: 5.8/10
Runtime: 1h 18m
Genres: Thriller
Director: Kurt Yochum
Writer: Steven Shea, Kurt Yochum
Actor: Iyana Halley, Darius McCrary, Barton Fitzpatrick
Language: English
Description: Wayward 2022 is directed and written by Kurt Yochum. The story follows Dawn encounters a stranger when she decides to attend a large music festival. However, as the two set out on their quest, they quickly find themselves being followed and fleeing for their lives as a psychotic killer in a Bronco terrorises them. The WayWard film is garnering attention and creating a buzz throughout the world. A large chunk of the film is devoted to a long chase sequence. Meet a stranger, take a road trip, and be pursued by the “killer.” Get freely a massive list of movies and tv shows on free Afdah movies streaming website.

Review of the movie Wayward 2022.
In Wayward, glad to see Barton Fitzpatrick return from Power Force. An excellent and wacky plot with a few good twists. Something out of the ordinary. I enjoy the suspense as a theme, as well as some of the comic elements.

2022, Thriller