Nanny 2022

Nanny 2022
Title: Nanny 2022
Ratings: 5.2/10
Runtime: 1h 39m
Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller
Director: Nikyatu Jusu
Writer: Nikyatu Jusu
Actor: Anna Diop, Michelle Monaghan, Sinqua Walls
Language: English
Description: A Senegalese immigrant who works as a nanny in the movie Nanny is troubled by the life she left behind in her native nation. Aisha accepts a position as Amy and Adam’s nanny because she needs the money to move her son to the United States from her native Senegal. The fact that all three of the characters share the same initial is the kind of detail that should eventually pay off, but any similarities are downplayed in comparison to the fact that Amy and Adam both find ways to be unpleasant to Aisha: One is a controlling scold who never manages to pay on time, and the other seems apprehensively intimate. Browse top Hollywood Afdah movies and tv shows without paying any single penny.

Review of the movie Nanny 2022.
We are meticulously given access to Aisha’s world and mind in the movie. Even as we watch the nanny deteriorate into psychological and emotional distress, and possibly even madness, Senegal’s vibrant colours come to life in front of us.

2022, Drama, Horror, Thriller