The Harbinger 2022

The Harbinger 2022
Title: The Harbinger 2022
Ratings: 3.4/10
Runtime: 1h 54m
Genres: Horror, Mystery, War
Director: Will Klipstine
Writer: Will Klipstine, Amy Mills
Actor: Madeleine McGraw, Teal Redmann, Irene Bedard
Language: English
Description: The Harbinger 2022 begins with the troubled Mavis who is undergoing breakdown in the confines of her Queens apartment. Beyond the pandemic, something evil is starting to follow her into her dreams. She claims she has no one to turn to when the building management checks up on her. This is due to the fact that her family is “under lockdown all the way in Seattle” and that even if it were declared safe, they probably wouldn’t travel to see her. Due to the lack of other options, she contacts her old friend Monique and requests that she come stay with her. Now, click on any titles on Afdah movies online website with no membership charges.

Review of the movie The Harbinger 2022.
Good work is done on the performances, plot, and spectacular effects. Playing the dad is a role that Will Klipstine excels at. You can clearly feel his affection for his troubled daughter. As the daughter, Madeline McGraw did a fantastic job. Without a doubt, you should watch it once. 

2022, Horror, Mystery, War